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Block Heads 2 - Block 10

Block Heads 2 - Block 10

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This week is a little bit special - it's one of the themes behind this year's Block Heads, especially as it pertains to adding new designers.  Sunday - August 5th - was National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day.  So let's celebrate our friends and our sisters - of the heart and those related to us. 

UPDATE:  We had a power outage last night and while the juice was restored early this morning, it took a little while for the website to get back up to full speed.  

Here is the direct link to Ducks and Ducklings - http://www.modafabrics.com/bh2_jm_ducks-and-ducklings.pdf

It's also Jo Morton time!  And Block Heads Wednesday.

Today is about Ducks and Ducklings, better known as Block 10.  The ducks and ducklings are big - this block finishes at 12".  

Moda Michele - one "l" - made the block above using Jo's New Hope collection.

To see Jo's version of Ducks and Ducklings and get the block instructions - Jo's Blog ~ Block 10 - Ducks and Ducklings Instructions.

This is Jo's beautiful coming-in-September collection, Spice It Up.  Just in time for Fall!

If you haven't seen the Color Cuts 2 yet, Spice It Up is one of the half-dozen collections that is well-represented.  

From top to bottom, the Color Cuts II Colors are - Pecan Pie / Red Maple / Gingerbread / Juniper.  

Jo's Blog ~ Block 10 - Ducks and Ducklings Instructions.

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Then be sure to check the Moda Blockheads Facebook Group and the blocks being posted on Instagram – #ModaBlockheads

That's it for Week 10 of the Block Heads 2.

Happy Wednesday!