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Road Warrior - Jane Stewart

Road Warrior - Jane Stewart

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Amy Matheny

Jane Stewart (just call her Moda Jane!)

Jane is our local (Dallas-Ft. Worth area) sales rep, and anyone that knows Jane would describe her as well respected, hardworking, and an amazing seamstress!

When I asked her what was her favorite part of her job, she had a hard time coming up with just one thing. Jane says, "First and foremost, I have a love of fabric, so it's like Christmas every time I get new collections! I love working with my customers -- they have become fabric friends for life! It's always a joy to show new fabrics and see the excitement and inspiration from my customers. Going to different places every day keeps this job from ever being boring. It's a joy to work for Moda, because the team of talented people is incredible."

Prior to joining the Moda team, Jane was the head of design and pattern-making for a Dallas-based clothing company called Gotcha Covered for 22 years. "It was when I was buying fabric for their apparel lines that I met my husband, Gene Stewart -- who was a Moda rep for many years," Jane explains. "We produced denim and all-cotton clothing that was wet-processed. Then, in the early 2000's, when domestic denim mills started closing and manufacturing was going overseas, I knew it was time to leave that industry behind. My husband asked if I would help him in the DFW Metroplex with seeing customers, and here I am at Moda, 16 years later -- and very happy to be a part of a great company!"

When on the road, Jane says, "I drive a lot in the Metroplex, so I stay focused on the road because of the crazy drivers and construction zones everywhere. So very rarely do I even listen to the radio or even stop along the way, unless I have to mail something to a customer. I know where all the post offices are in the smaller towns, making it easier to get in and out of them than in Dallas! ; ) Beyond that, I keep to a tight schedule and may stop at a grocery store to grab a salad to eat on the road to my next appointment."

The job keeps her busy most of the time, leaving little downtime, but occasionally she gets some personal sewing time in and says, "I thoroughly enjoy making Josh Dunn's Market shirts!"

(If you ever see Josh at Market wearing a really cool shirt made from the latest Moda Designer Collection -- Jane made it!)

"I also spend time learning as much as I can about quilting notions -- and it's an ongoing thing! I have 4 cats and 3 chickens, so their care takes up some time, in addition to all the other household chores. About once a year, I play in a 42 tournament, just to keep my competitive edge in the game." (42 is a trick-taking game played with a standard set of double-six dominoes. It's often referred to as the "state game of Texas.")

Something most people don't know about Jane? She's a bit of a mischievous prankster! Jane says her favorite prank was "dressing up as an old lady at a Moda party and tricking my husband into dancing with me. He had no clue who I was! " Here's how it went down...


Jane's words to live by...
"Better and easier sewing through the use of adhesives! -- I seem to be saying this a lot to customers, and I adhere to it myself (pun intended!)."

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