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Road Warrior - Brian Wheeler

Road Warrior - Brian Wheeler

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Amy Matheny

Meet Brian Wheeler

Road Warrior Brian Wheeler has just celebrated 17 years with Moda! He travels throughout his home state of Indiana and into parts of Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, and Kentucky. Those that know Brian know that he’s a real numbers guy. Brian calculates he travels about 50,000 miles each year -- so over the course of his 17 years with Moda, that's about 850,000 miles; 170 oil changes; 14 sets of tires; 8 sets of brakes; 6 windshields; 5 sets of shocks; 4 cars; and (fortunately) only 1 accident claim. Brian recalls, “The one accident happened when I was traveling in Dubuque, Iowa and my car was attacked by an elk. I was coming over a hill and there was an elk that was as long as both lanes of the road. I was able to stop in time, but the elk came around and attacked my car, causing more than $5K in damages!”


Brian says, “I am blessed to work with Moda. They have excellent fabrics and products, with great designers driving our newest releases. Mark Dunn is a great leader and makes everyone feel like they are an important part of the Moda family.”


“The thing I like the most about my job is working with customers and getting to know them and even their families. Every day is different and every shop is different – that’s what keeps the job fun for me.”

These are helpers at a show & tell in one of my shops – a family affair!


Traveling through five states, Brian says he runs across some interesting places…

 “Did you know Morton, IL is the pumpkin capitol of the world? Over 85% of the world’s canned pumpkin is supplied by the Morton Libby plant.”

“The St. Louis Auto Company has a life-size model of Tow Mater, the fictional character in the Cars media franchise produced by Pixar. It’s fun to drive by and see.”

Brian’s a real social guy and enjoys the comradery of his fellow reps, so when there’s an opportunity, he likes to meet and share road stories and a few beers with fellow reps. 

Brian & Mark Pytel


In his spare time, Brian says, “I enjoy spending time with family and friends and was most excited to say that my daughter and her family have recently moved back to Indiana and will settle close by, so I’ll now get to see them regularly."

Brian’s daughter’s family


Celebrating the 4th of July with family and friends. A fun time for all.

More fun with my classmates from high school. A lot of awesome people -- I love catching up with my classmates, and we have lots of laughs.


Even after all the miles on the road, Brian loves nothing better to hit the road in his 2008 Mustang GT 500, named Sally. Boys and their toys!


Always playing in Brian’s 8-track…



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