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Granny Square QAL- Final Steps

Granny Square QAL- Final Steps

Written by: 
Christine Weld

Hello, Quiltalongers! We did it! We’re at the end of our quiltalong! You might have some sewing to finish up, but the end is in sight.

I’m Christine Weld, and I’m back with some more tips on finishing up Family Reunion, my pattern from the book Rollin’ Along, available now from Martingale.

After the baby block round, there is one more background fabric border to add. You can, of course, add an additional border if you’re looking for a slightly bigger quilt. Alternately, you can leave the baby block round off for a smaller quilt. The beauty of quilts constructed in a medallion style is that you can add a round or leave a round off to create various size options. 

Family Reunion detail

For quilting options, I tend to send quilts this size to one of the lovely longerarmers I work with. I don’t own my own longarm, and this one is a bit too large to comfortably feed through a domestic machine (I salute anyone who can accomplish this!). I prefer a simple, all-over design that allows both the piecing and fabric choices to stand out. Another great option would be classic hand quilting—I would love to see a version quilted by hand. Wouldn’t that look just gorgeous?! I’m sure there will be great inspiration from all the creative folks sewing along, so continue to follow the hashtags  #familyreunionqal and #modabakeshoprollinalongbook for some ideas!

If you’re looking for more awesome quilts to sew now that we’re wrapping up this project, we’ve cooked up a bunch in our series of Bakeshop books. Best of Moda Bake ShopDid Someone Say Cake, and Rollin’ Along is all currently available—look for them in your favorite quilt shop! 

MBS- Rollin-ALong-Cover

If you are still considering purchasing this book, I thought I would share a few of the other quilts in the book.

humming birds


chain links

rose compass


I hope you enjoyed sewing along with us! Thank you to Moda and Martingale for their support of this quiltalong and to all of you who sewed along, especially my fellow Bakeshop chefs. Visit them on Instagram!

Michele - @crayonboxquiltstudio

Susan - @thefeltedpear

Sharla - @thistlethicketstudio

Audrey & Diane - @theclothparcel

Jessica - @jessicadayon

Jen - @jendalyquilts

Nicola - @cakestandquilts


Happy sewing, everyone!

And a little tease... we have a Moda bake shop book coming out October 2023 featuring Moda Charm Packs!!

- Christine