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Covering the World - Lavender Lime

Covering the World - Lavender Lime

Written by: 
Kathy Skomp

When Moda Fabrics asked us to be part of the Covering the World: One Quilt At a Time Campaign, we were thrilled.

CT CTW Kathy & Bekah

Kathy and Bekah.  Family - Mom and daughter-in-law.  Friends.  Business partners.  

It's a great idea, and nothing is more comforting than a quilt. And the world could sure use some comfort.

CT CTW Kathy & Bekah - Joel and Presley Lucas

Joel and Presley Lucas.

We decided we wanted to make a special quilt for a special someone. And our choice was very easy to make. Joel and Presley Lucas are making an amazing difference in our Covid and medical world. They are both nurses at Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Bekah worked with Joel for 8 years there.

CT CTW Kathy & Bekah - Photo 2

Presley with one of the amazing nurses at Memorial Hospital.

Bekah worked as a Nurse Practitioner before coming to work with Lavender Lime, and becoming a full-time momma.

CT CTW Kathy & Bekah - Photo 4

You can still see a framed photo of Bekah hanging on the wall of the hospital in the right corner of the photo of Presley with the cupcake.  

Joel also took care of Bekah’s grandfather when he was in the hospital, and would bring him biscuits and gravy from Hardee’s every single morning he had a shift. Presley and Joel have worked in the ICU for the last 3 years. Presley has worked in the Covid ICU throughout the pandemic, including while being pregnant. They will be welcoming their second child in February.

CT CTW Kathy & Bekah - Photo 3

More of the hospital staff.

So these special people deserve a special quilt.

One of our favorite go-to patterns when we need a quick but amazing quilt is our Patchwork pattern.

CT CTW Kathy & Bekah - Photo 5

A few years ago we did a series of patterns called Grunge Love. We created these to go along with the über-popular Grunge Fabric by Moda Fabrics. Patchwork is #8 in the series. The pattern calls for eighteen fat quarters, and we chose a perfect combination of Grunge by Basic Gray, Modern Backgrounds by Zen Chic, neutrals from 3 Sisters, and a few more neutrals from Ruby Star Society that we had in our stash. These created the low volume palette we wanted for our quilt. 

We wanted to add a special touch to let these amazing nurses know they are so appreciated. And the Accuquilt 4” Heart Die was the perfect addition to our quilt.

CT CTW Kathy & Bekah - Photo 6

We used the die and our GO Cutter to easily cut out the heart shapes, and then appliquéd these to the quilt.

We think they turned out amazing, and are so happy to be able to give this to such a deserving couple.

CT CTW Kathy & Bekah - Photo 8

Due to Covid restrictions, we were not allowed to present the quilt at the hospital, but we made sure they knew how happy we are to be able to give them this gift of comfort. 

CT CTW Kathy & Bekah - Photo 9

We also want to offer you an opportunity to help Cover the World with a Quilt, so we are offering a free download of our Patchwork Pattern on our website - www.lavenderlimeinspires.com.

It is for the download version only and you must use the code coveringtheworld to receive the free download.

Then make a hero of yours a quilt of comfort. We would love for you to share with us your creation and hero on our social media. If you do not follow us already - we would be honored for you to. Here is a link to all our different Social Media platforms: https://linktr.ee/lavender_lime_designs.

Thanks to Joel and Presley for what you do, and to all the sponsors of this amazing campaign - AccuQuiltBaby Lock, and Moda Fabrics.

Let’s all Cover the World: One Quilt at a Time. 


Be sure to join the Facebook Group - Covering The World - to see more donation stories, and ideas for where to donate.  And if you share a donation on social media, please tag it with - #quilttheworld2022.  

If you would like more information about this campaign - Covering The World 2022.