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Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

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Oda May

Happy Halloween! Today we have a throwback project that you will want to make in your favorite Halloween colors. Chef Heidi used a orange, green, and purple but what about candy corn shades? It's all up to you...

  • 1 jelly roll
  • 4.5 yards accent fabric and backing
  • Leftover jelly roll strips for binding
  • Acrylic ruler that includes a 60 degree angle

Unroll and sort the Jelly Roll strips by color. Separate the orange candy corn to the side for the binding. Divide the rest of the strips into sets of four. Sew each strip with 1/4-inch seam. Press. You will have several lovely rectangles!!

Now it is time to meet your acrylic ruler and it's 60-degree angle markings. The arrows are on the lines that you will line up your fabric top edge with.

The line that is marked with the 60-degree number along the top edge of your rectangle.

Make your first cut at the left edge of your strips laid out lengthwise.

After the first cut, pivot your ruler and line the rule with top ledge with the 60 degree angle line going the other direction to make a triangle.


Continue down the fabric making 62 total triangles with ALL of the stripped rectangles.

Cut four 8.5-inch strips from the width of the Moda Marble (purple). Then cut 22 triangles using the 60-degree angle exactly the same way you did for the strip triangles.

Using the photo below, layout your triangles to make hexagon shapes with the strip pieced triangles and purple triangles in between. There are nine complete hexagons and two incomplete hexagons.

Piece the triangles together.


You will have six vertical strips.

Press the seams. Clean up the dog-ears and snip the center where the three triangles meet to eliminate bulkiness when piecing the strips.

Pin the strips together and sew.

Pin each seam after aligning to ensure the finished seams will match up.

Fold them out and press.

Cut two 3 x 60 inch pieces and two 3 x 50 inch pieces from the length of the accent fabric for borders.

There is an imaginary line that you will make across the top and bottom of your quilt. Use the tips of the hexagons on the end as your guide.

Use the sashing along that imaginary line as a guide and then place your ruler at the edge to trim the "dog ears" to ensure a straight cut across the quilt.

Piece border to all four sides.

1 Halloween Quilt 50 x 60 inches.

Original pattern by Heidi Grohs {boysbuttonsandbutterflies.blogspot.com}

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