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Spooky Sew-Along

Spooky Sew-Along

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Jessica Dayon

Hi, Everyone!  It's Jessica Dayon here to tell you about a fall quilt along that I'll be hosting here on Moda Bake Shop!  Thank you for joining me for this Quilt Along!  In case this is the first time you are hearing about it, let me explain.  I am remaking the Oda May's Summer Camp Quilt Along quilt in fall colors and I'm going to be running a 5 week QAL for it in case you want to join me as I do!

I know 5 weeks is quick for a quilt along like this one.  But, I will walk you through making the same quilt that I am making and give you the breakdown of the steps I am taking to make the quilt.  Feel free to join me and sew the same quilt as me, take your own path in the quilt along, make notes for the next time you'd like to make the quilt, or just follow along for the fun of it even if you aren't sewing along.

NOTE: This is a post in a series of quilt-along posts. To see all of the posts, go {here}.

Here is the schedule we will be following-

  • Tuesday, September 24th (today)- Round 1, Border 1
  • Tuesday, October 1st- Round 2, Border 2
  • Tuesday, October 8th- Round 3, Border 3
  • Tuesday, October 15th- Round 4, Border 4
  • Tuesday, October 22nd- Round 5, Borders 5 & 6

Now, a note on fabrics choices, this is an amazing quilt design that would look great in ANY fabric.  I have chosen to use All Hallows' Eve by Fig Tree Quilts.  I know this sold out pretty quickly so, while there is still yardage available, I haven't been able to find fat quarter bundles recently.  There are a couple of options for you.  This pattern is written in layer cakes or fat quarters.  You can find a layer cake and supplement with yardage.  You can just use yardage.  You can substitute any orange, black, and cream fabric.  Or, you can make it in different fabric- it'd be great in fall colors (like Last Bloom by Sandy Gervais) or it would be amazing in Christmas fabric (and it's never too early to start!).  If all else fails and you really want to make it in All Hallows' Eve and you can't find it, Moda Fabrics is reprinting the line!!  It will be out in May 2020.  So, follow along with me now and plan to make it next May :)

Now, onto this week!

Here are some links to the posts of the original QAL-

Fabric Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions (& the best printable for tracking your progress)

Path A- Dresden Peak

Path B- Star Valley

Border 1

This week we will be working on Round 1 and Border 1.  So, you 'll pick either Dresden Peak or Star Valley, make it, and then add Border 1.

I am making Dresden Peak.  I just adore dresdens and I love that this one is so big!

Here is the detailed schedule with all of the steps broken down for this week to make Dresden Peak-

Tuesday- print the templates, look at your fabric and see which ones you'd like to use for the dresden blades, press the fabric if it needs pressing

Wednesday- cut the large square out from your background fabric and cut out the dresden blades

Thursday- Prepare the dresden blades

Friday- Sew the dresden blades into one dresden plate

Saturday- Appliqué the dresden to the background square.  You can choose hand appliqué or machine appliqué.  I machine appliquéd this one.

Sunday- Prepare the dresden center and appliqué it to the dresden plate.

Monday- Add Border 1

Feel free to follow your own schedule, group days together and work on more each day if you have longer periods of time, or adapt this any schedule to fit your needs.  I find when I give myself specific tasks each day for a quilt (or quilts), I get more finished quicker because I know exactly what I want to work on and I can just get right to it.

The medallion center + Border 1 should measure 21.5″ square.

I'll see you back here next Tuesday with the next batch of instructions!

Jessica Dayon

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