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Quilt books.  No matter how many we have, it's still hard to pass up adding new titles to the shelf. Make that shelves. Plural.

Every week, new books come across my desk. Some are interesting but "not my thing" while others are quickly filled with post-it page tabs for projects that need to be on my "to-do" list.

I was curious about what books were the best-sellers for Moda this past year so I asked. That list is below - they are the books that you must have liked because shops kept buying them.

In the coming months, we're going to feature some of our favorite books, old and new. They are the books that we love for projects, information and resources, titles that we think every quilter-sewist should have or at least take a look at, and books that are purely eye-candy and good for our quilting souls.

Before we share the list, we'd like to know about your favorite books. You know, the titles that would absolutely be on your shelf if you were going to start a "quilt book library" from scratch. (It's okay if the books are out-of-print and only available from a used-book store/source.)

As for the most popular books per the Moda warehouse, this is the list. It's in no particular order.

Jen Kingwell - Jen Kingwell Designs:
Gypsy Wife
Long Time Gone
Green Tea & Sweet Beans
That Fairy Tale Quilt
My Small World
Baker's Dozen Pattern

Oh Scrap! - Lissa Alexander
Simple Whatnots - Kim Diehl
Moda All-Stars Mini Charm Quilts 
Stashtastic - Doug Leko
Moda All-Stars Merry Makers

Doug Leko - Antler Quilt Design:
Once Upon A Memory
Regency Blues

It's Sew Emma:
The Cake Mix Quilt Book, Vol. 1 
Vintage Christmas - Lori Holt
Farm Girl Vintage - Lori Holt
Christmas Figs - Joanna Figueroa
Tablerunner Bliss - Sherri Falls

Mini Wonderful Curves
No Math Quilt Charts & Formulas
Hand Embroidery Stitches At A Glance

Lavender Lime - Kathy Skomp:
Grunge Love/Table Runner Club
Merry & Modern

Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book by Amanda Murphy for C&T Publishing

Pot Holders For All Seasons by Chris Malone for Annie's Quilting

Trendy Table 2 by Heather Peterson for Anka's Treasures

North Stars by Elizabeth Hartman

Are any of these books on your list of favorites?

So what books are on your shelves?

Happy reading! And quilting!

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