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Ten Years! Happy Anniversary to Collections for a Cause

Ten Years! Happy Anniversary to Collections for a Cause

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Linzee McCray


Buying fabric is always a treat…There’s not much that’s more fun than deciding on a project, then heading to your favorite quilt shop to find the perfect fabrics to go with it.

But what if while you were having fun, you were also doing good? That’s the idea behind Moda’s Collections for a Cause, which this year will be celebrating its tenth anniversary.


In recognition of that milestone, the very first Collections for a Cause is being reproduced just as it appeared in 2008. That first collection—Heritage—honored the memory of Moda sales rep, Pam Wieland, who had succumbed to ovarian cancer and the proceeds from the purchase of Heritage in 2008 went to benefit Gilda’s House, a social and emotional support community for people with cancer. Over the years myriad causes have benefited from Collections for a Cause, including organizations fighting Alzheimer’s and juvenile diabetes, and those supporting Habitat for Humanity, 4-H Clubs of America, and The Coalition to Support American Heroes, among others.


“At first our collections benefited causes that touched Moda employees and customers,” says Mark Dunn (AKA Howard Marcus), Moda’s president and the man behind Collections for a Cause. “Over time it’s evolved and in the past few years its beneficiaries have been connected to the quilting industry.”


In 2014, the 15thcollection—Community—supported the medical recovery fund of internationally known designer, author and teacher Libby Lehman. In other years the Collections proceeds have benefitted the Quilt Alliance, Texas Quilt Museum, National Quilt Museum, and the International Quilt Study Center and Museum, which will receive the proceeds from the 2018 Heritage collection.


“I appreciate the work they do to preserve and protect the art form of quilting,” he says. And most are nonprofits that rely on donations, so the funds are important to them and I’m glad to support them.”


The fabrics in each Collection typically come from one of the antique quilts or mill books in Mark’s collection. Some of the quilts date back to the 1700s and fabrics are reproduced as is, or sometimes updated in color and scale.



“We want the fabrics to tell a story for that time period and to tie it in with the cause,” says Cheryl Freydberg, vice president and design director. “Mark has some amazing quilts in his collection and this is a way that everyone can enjoy the fabrics in them.” A project sheet and kit are produced with each collection, often based on those very quilts.



While the Collections for a Cause fabric are typically traditional, the Sunshine group featured 1950s Hawaiian fabrics, in honor of fabric rep Gene Stewart, who was known for always wearing Hawaiian shirts and had passed away.


“A beautiful fabric is beautiful, no matter which century it’s from,” says Mark.

Historical Blenders

Neither Mark nor Cheryl imagined in 2008 that Collections for a Cause would continue for ten years. 

"The recipients have been very gracious and appreciative," says Mark. "We're very happy with the way it's gone."


So keep an eye out for the beautiful fabrics of Heritage, shipping in September, and you’ll feel especially good about planning your next project!

Have you made something with Collections for a Cause in the past? Which line was your favorite and what did you make?

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