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Books... a wish list

Books... a wish list

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Chances are, you already know I love a good quilt book.  Whether it's something I want to learn how to do, a different style of quilting, or an assortment of quilts in a style I already know... what's not to love about a book filled with pretty pictures of things made with fabric and thread?

These are a few of the books that are either in the office, coming soon, or "I had it here but put it in a giveaway box".

Lynne Hagmeier's Cozy Quilts and Comforts.

Something for everyone!  Some of these quilts are traditionally pieced while others use Lynne's layered-patchwork technique.  The piecing goes quickly and the raw-edge blocks barely fray when washed, leaving the quilts with a soft, snuggly finish.  Cozy.  Comforts.  Just like the name says.

Stashtastic! by Doug Leko of Antler Quilt Designs.  This book is finally here and it's terrific.  While the instructions are written for Fat Quarters, Doug encourages using scraps and different pre-cuts to up the variety.  There are twelve designs ranging from not-too-complicated to a-bit-more-time-consuming and each design is shown in two very different fabric styles - color palettes.  (We might be sharing a copy or two of this book next week... just saying.)

Cadence Court by Sassafras Lane.  I always love what Shayla creates, she's got a great sense of color.  This is a Block of the Month pattern in one book - make it with your favorite quilt shop, with your friends or guild, or just use the structure to break it up a bit.

Jo's Floral Album by Jo Morton.  This 9-Block Sampler Quilt is for those who love appliqué, or those who want to learn how using Jo's back-basting method.  She also shares how she gets her tiny, precise stitches.  This quilt would be gorgeous made with New Hope - coming in January.

Patches of Blue by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts.  More beautiful appliqué!  And spectacular pieced quilts - new and antique.  The book features seventeen quilt patterns and dozens of antique blue-and-white quilts to inspire your next family heirloom.

While I think most folks regard Quiltmania's Simply Vintage as being a book-zine - part magazine, part book - I think of them like books.  I flip through magazines and "pass them along"... I keep books.  I keep these Simply Vintage issues... ergo, they are books!  Each issue has a dozen very different projects - big and small - made with fabric, thread and wool.  Some are primitive, some are traditional, some mix a bit of whimsy into the mix.  All are beautiful.  (And yes, I feel the same way about Quiltmania's Simply Moderne.)

Quiltmania... we're anxiously awaiting this gorgeous book from Betsy Chutchian - Quilts For All Seasons.

While we haven't seen the finished book yet, we have seen the photographs from the book.  The word "sumptuous" comes to mind.  And elegant.  That's Betsy's style - rich, warm and wonderfully traditional.  (How do you say "can you hurry this up" in French?)

Lisa Bongean's A Quilter's Journal.  This really is a journal - blank pages for writing about your quilting-stitching journey.  There are "prompts" so you remember to record special quilts and lists to be made of quilts on your "want to make this wish list".  There are also many, many pretty pictures of Lisa's beautiful quilts - her own and her antiques, her wool projects and sewing-quilting ephemera.

Patchwork Loves Embroidery Too.  Or Two.  Because this lovely book is Gail Pan's follow-up to her very popular, quite wonderful Patchwork Loves Embroidery.  As before, Gail's embroidery instructions are detailed and easy-to-follow.  (She makes great stitching look very easy.) . The designs are easily adaptable to a variety of color palettes and fabric styles - and the lovely little finishing details are perfect.

Sewing By Heart by Tone Finnager - Tilda.  Tone founded Tilda in 1999 at the age of 25.  Since then, she has been the sole designer for this Norwegian company, creating dolls, toys, clothing, quilts, home decor and wonderfully whimsical "stuff".  Like these pumpkins.  I will happily admit to being obsessed with these pumpkins.  (Expect to see one or two next September... we have some Fall/Halloween collections coming that I think just might do.)

That Fairy Tale Quilt.  This was one of my favorite quilts at Market in Houston.  Partly because of the quilt itself and partly because of it's designer and maker - Lucy Carson Kingwell, daughter of Jen Kingwell.  Published by Jen Kingwell Designs, this quilt is on my to-do list, right behind this one, also by Miss Lucy.

And finally... long-awaited, much-anticipated and it doesn't disappoint.  Start With Strips by Susan Ache - Yardgrl60 on Instagram.  Airboat.  It's on my list.  And Train Tracks.  But Airboat is first.  We'll have a lot more about this book in January, including a copy or two to share.  (Maybe... if they don't disappear between now and then.)

Do you now have a wish list of books to add to your library?

Are there any new books that I need to check out and add to my list?

Happy Tuesday!

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