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Bow Keeper

Bow Keeper

Written by: 
Lisa Calle


This one is for all the little girls in your lives!

How to organize a rainbow array of hair bows is not a problem everyone has, but it's definitely a problem for me! We have bows of every hue. I've been digging through a big box every day for the last two years until it finally occurred to me that I had everything on hand to remedy that chaos. This is a perfect project for leftovers!

This project finishes at approximately 17" x 30".


3 to 7 Jelly Roll® strips*
Hanger or dowel rod

*3 strips fit nicely on a hanger, you need to allow at least 2" between strips if using a dowel rod so your bows have plenty of space.

**Don't feel tied down to this project! Use basting stitches so you can tear them out and use the fabric for another project some day.


NOTE: If you are using a dowel rod, it's best to measure the size of it and sew a pocket at the top of the jelly roll strip. The one I had on hand was a bit too thick to sew easily with my zipper foot. Fold the jelly roll strip in half and mark the width needed for your opening. Sew along the marked line and then proceed to step 2 of these instructions.

STEP ONE. Wrap the jelly roll strip around the hanger and sew close to the hanger using a zipper foot. Back stitch and trim thread at both ends.


STEP TWO. Move your needle back to center position if you've been sewing with a zipper foot! Put on your 1/4" foot and sew a nice seam along each length of the Jelly Roll strip, back stitching at both ends.  Trim all loose threads.

STEP THREE. You're done! If you used a dowel rod, tie a length of yarn to each end to create a triangle and hang on a nail. This tutorial walks you through how to do this bit - skip down to the assembly instructions.



This project finishes at approximately 17" x 30".


Lisa Calle
{vintagemodernquilts.com | @vintagemodernquilts}