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Tiaras and threads...

Tiaras and threads...

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It's a Beauty of a Pageant Contest and it starts today!

The designers-contestants have finished strutting their stuff and now it's ready for you to have some fun.  (Though I hope you've enjoyed the hop and had some fun already.)


Here's what you need to know - and do.

Get a copy of the book - buy it, win it, borrow it... whatever works.  Just so long as you have a copy of Moda All-Stars - All In A Row in your possession.

Get some fabric - from your stash, from your favorite quilt shop, from a friend!  Just gather up a nice little stack of fabric you love.  (Moda, of course.)

Make a row - any one will do!  And for the time being, you only need one.


Take a picture of your row and post it-e-mail it so you can be entered in the Beauty of a Contest contest!

There are two ways to do that -

  1.  Join the Facebook group - All In a Row Quilt Along.  Yes, you must be on Facebook to join the group.  Post a picture of your row using the hashtag - #allinarowquiltalong - and BAM! - you're entered.
  2. Send a JPEG - a good-sized, low res image will do - to [email protected] and BAM! - you're entered.

If you're a super-talented over-achiever and you make seventeen rows and post/send seventeen pictures - WOW! You're entered seventeen times.

On March 15th, Miss All-In-A-Row and her court will be announced.

Miss All-In-A-Row will be the envy of all her quilty friends from April through December 2016 as she will receive a Fat Quarter pack from Moda and 2 new-release books from Martingale.  She'll be a Stitching Stunner!


No, Miss All-In-A-Row does not get this quilt.  She can make it herself - that's her talent!

The First Runner Up - 2nd prize - will receive a Moda Fat Eighth pack for six months (April through August 2016) and one new-release Martingale book for four months.  (Unless for some reason, Miss All-In-A-Row can't fulfill her obligations, of course.)  (Four play will not be tolerated.)

The Second Runner Up - 3rd prize - four months of Moda Layer Cakes and new-release books.

Third Runner Up - two months of Moda Layer Cakes and two new-release books, and finally, the Fourth Runner Up will get a Layer Cake and a new-release book.

Each week of the pageant - contest - there will be additional prizes.

  • Miss Congeniality - 2 Moda charm packs and a book
  • Talent Winner - 2 books and 2 Mini Moda Charms
  • Stash Accumulation Award - 1 Moda Mini Charm, 1 Moda Layer Cake and 3 books
  • Social Media Butterfly Award - you're going to win my House Row from the book


I'm wondering why there isn't a Miss Hashtag?  A prize for the entry with the most hashtags attached - #ShowMeTheModa #ModaFabrics #AllInARowQuiltalong #MartingaleRocks #ModaDesignersAreTheBomb #ModaRocks #ILoveMakingItModa and so on.  (And no, borrowing these will not get you any special prizes from yours truly.)

Are you excited?  Are you ready to start sewing rows - rowing?

Me too!  #LetsGetRowing!

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