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Charming Ghosts Quilt Block

Charming Ghosts Quilt Block

Written by: 
Oda May


Hello, pre-cut lovers! Today I have a charm pack quilt block pattern for you using Brigitte Heitland's Modern Backgrounds (Ink and Paper). These cute little ghosts are fun to sew and can be combined to create a table runner, quilt, or a pillow. The possibilities are endless!

This quilt block finishes at 4½" x 6½".

Please note, the ingredients listed are for ONE ghost block.



2 white or light charm squares
1 black or dark charm square
Lightweight fusible interfacing scraps (5" square is more than enough for one ghost block)
Ghost templates (in Printer Friendly Version at the end of this post)


From the black charm square, cut:

(2) 1½" squares

(1) 2½" x 5" rectangle


Fuse remaining black charm square piece to lightweight fusible. Trace and cut out template pieces for the eyes and mouth.

From one white charm square, cut (1) 2½" x 5" rectangle. Fuse to a piece of lightweight interfacing. Trace ghost bottom template onto the back side of the interfacing. Cut out with sharp scissors.


Draw diagonal pencil lines on the wrong sides of each 1½" black square. Sew to the corners of the remaining white charm square. Trim a ¼" away from the seam and press.



Sew the ghost bottom piece to the 2½" x 5" black rectangle, following the edges but leave the top edge unstitched. Trim away the excess black fabric from the back of this piece to reduce bulk.


Sew the ghost bottom to the top and press.


Glue baste the ghost eyes and mouth in place. Set the glue with a hot iron. Stitch around each piece to secure. If you are not comfortable with your stitches, use black thread so they will not show.


Press and starch block. You're finished!


1 charmingly spooky ghost block! Unfinished dimensions are 5" x 7", finished dimensions are 4½" x 6½".