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UnBoxed - Spring Brook

UnBoxed - Spring Brook

Written by: 
Corey Yoder

Hello, I'm Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts.  I’m so excited to be sharing this with you because seeing this post means that Spring Brook is either in quilt shops now, or will be soon.

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook Bundle

I had so much fun designing these fabrics and cannot wait to see what everyone makes with them.

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook 1

You know I love yellow… especially a warm, “need that sunshine in my life after a gray Ohio winter” yellow. =)  

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook 8

You did hear me mention, gray…which I do like, just maybe more in fabric and less in the sky. =)

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook 7

I’ve rounded out Spring Brook with a punch of green... I always love when the trees green-up again, and the grass turns that bright green shade that always means Spring has arrived.

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook 3

And let’s wipe away those gray, winter days with a beautiful blue sky… in this case, a wonderful Cornflower Blue.  It’s the perfect compliment to that sunshine-y yellow.

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook 10

We still might be in for a few more weeks of winter weather - depending on where you live! - but at least we can be tucked inside sewing with springtime fabric, no matter the weather.

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook 12

I’ve designed a few different projects for my Spring Brook collection.  

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook Quilts

Up first, Patchy Stars.  Layer Cake-friendly, 70" x 82" and CQ174

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook Patchy Stars

Patchy Stars is also Moda boxed kit - KIT29110.  Those boxed kits are always so much fun—and raise your hand if you have ever bought a kit in part because of the cute box!

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook Patchy Stars 2

Petal & Leaf is another new quilt pattern for this collection.  It's fat quarter-friendly, measures 78" x 94", and pattern CQ175.

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook Petal Leaf

Mr. Horse says “hello”!  (Ccn you spot him in the photo above?)  

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook Petal Leaf 2

No, it’s not my horse but I do like when he (and his friends) mosey over as I am taking pictures.  I try not to let them nibble the quilts too much.

Company Picnic is a Honey Bun-friendly quilt.  The grass must have been extra tasty behind this one!

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook Company Picnic

Company Picnic is CQ173 and 72" x 86".

And if you are looking for a Jelly Roll-friendly quilt, Crosswinds is the jelly roll quilt I designed for this collection.  

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook Crosswinds

One Jelly Roll and some yardage is all that's needed for this 58" x 72" Crosswinds quilt, CQ172.

When I am working on the new quilt designs, I try to create a variety of quilts that work with the different precut options.  We all have our favorites, don't we?  Secretly, the layer cake is my favorite—but don’t tell the others!

Starry Gingham is a yardage based quilt.  I really like it in the blues.

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook Starry Gingham

And it also looks quite pretty in the yellows or greens.  I had a hard time deciding which color to make but in the end the blue won out.  (The other two color options are included on the cover of the pattern.)

The pattern is CQ176, and the quilt is 63" x 81".

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook Starry Gingham 2

The last quilt that I made using my Spring Brook fabrics is from my book Checks Mix Quilts. (It's in shops now.)

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook Rain Check

In the original quilt I made for the book photography, I used a mix of scrappy yellows from a variety of my collections for the flower tops.  I knew that Spring Brook would work well to re-create this quilt in fabrics that would be easy to find after the book came out.

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook Rain Checks 2

Mr. Horse liked this one too! =)

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook Quilts 2

And one last quilt that is in the works, it's one you might be interested in making along with me. I'm calling it Spring Brook Blossoms.

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook Blossoms

I will be hosting this as a free Block of the Month on my blog - Coriander Quilts - beginning in March or April.  (I haven’t nailed down the start date yet.)  I will be sharing fabric requirements, more about the quilt and the schedule of blocks soon.  So keep an eye out if you’d like to follow along!

Coordinating basics!  I am frequently asked which Bella Solids match the colors in my collections.  I have an ongoing list on my website listing the matches for each collection.  It can be found at the top of the blog under the "Bella Solids Matching Information" tab should you ever need just the right Bella for a project.  

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook Bellas 1

Here are my Bella Solids picks for Spring Brook.

CT Corey Yoder Spring Brook Bellas 3

From left to right:

  • Etchings Slate - 9900 170
  • Etchings Stone - 9900 178
  • Pineapple - 9900 332
  • 30s Blue - 9900 25
  • Waterfall - 9900 397
  • Prairie Green - 9900 102
  • Cucumber 9900 398

I've just heard that Bella Pineapple is being discontinued.  While it's in shops now, if you can't find it, I also like Bella Goldenrod - 9900 81.  It's very similar, and I've already ordered a bolt of it to use with my collections.

As for the best white, there is a wonderful tone-on-tone white Orange Peel print - 29116 11 - in Spring Brook that I used for backgrounds in my quilts.  It makes the finished quilt just a little bit special.  But if you prefer a solid white, or can't find the tone-on-tone, Bella Off-White - 9900 200 - is the best match for my collections.

Finally, I have a YouTube video for this collection.  You can see it here - Spring Brook Video.

Thank you so much for letting me share a bit about my Spring Brook fabric collection and quilts with all of you today.  I hope this collection, and the quilts, bring a little bit of sunshine to your day.


Be sure to ask about Spring Brook at your favorite quilt shop.  And for more with Corey - Coriander Quilts Blog and @corianderquilts on Instagram.  

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