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Covering the World - True Blue

Covering the World - True Blue

Written by: 
Carrie Nelson

For a girl who prefers to avoid spotlights, I have a bad habit of saying, "...sure, I'll go first."

CT CTW Donation True Blue 1

The problem with that is - what am I supposed to do?  While there are guidelines - choose a charity, choose a pattern or quilt, etc., - there aren't any examples to follow.  So bear with me, I'm winging this.  (Another recurring bad habit.)

I love this Covering the World campaign, sharing quilts with others.  There was a time when I kept the quilts I made because I used them for my pattern business.  But when I changed directions, I had more quilts than I would ever need.  So I started giving more of them away - to friends, to family, and to charities.  A few were auctioned to raise money for a children's charity, and others raised money for folks needing help after Hurricane Sandy.  I like to think that's why I had been keeping them, that was their intended purpose.

CT CTW Donation True Blue 3

So when this lovely campaign came up, I was happy to participate.  

My first task was to choose a quilt.  While considering options, I saw this one on the quilt rack and knew "that's the one!" It's happy, cheerful, not too flowery, and almost big enough for a twin-sized bed.  And who doesn't like blue and white?

I made this as a sample for Moda's Cake Mixes - Recipes 3 and 4.  The fabrics are Linzee McCray's Feed Sacks: True Blue collection, and there's a Cake Mix pattern for it - True Blue Birds In The Air.

CT CTW Donation True Blue 2

If you use AccuQuilt dies, you'll need the dies for 2" finished half-triangle squares, and 4" half-triangle squares.  (Or half-square triangles - don't ask.)

Use those to make a total of 340 assorted 2" finished HTSs and 88 assorted 4" finished HTSs - or make up your own combination.  Actually, you probably won't need that many, I had a few leftovers that I stitched into the quilt backing.  

CT CTW Donation True Blue 4

True Blue was quilted by Maggi Honeyman with Droplets, one of my favorite allover quilting designs.  

As to the charity, this will be going to a quilt guild in Colorado that is collecting quilts for people who lost their homes in the fires after Christmas.  

Whew.  I think that's everything.  

One more thing to share.  I've always included plain squares in the pieced strips I incorporate into quilt backings, and they're used for quilt labels.  I hand-write the title, maker - usually me, the quilter, and the date the quilt was made.  I don't remember why I started including favorite quotes, but it's something I did for many, many years.  This is the quote I wrote onto the back of this quilt.

CT CTW Donation True Blue 5

This was meant to be.  

The most precious gift you can give someone is the gift of your time, and your attention.

Be sure to join the Facebook Group - Covering The World - to see more donation stories, and ideas for where to donate.  And if you share a donation on social media, please tag it with - #quilttheworld2022 - so we can see it.  

A huge thank you to Baby Lock and AccuQuilt for joining Moda for this campaign.  

And if you need more information about this campaign - Covering The World 2022