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National Quilting Day

National Quilting Day

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March 16, 2019 is the 28th National Quilting Day - a special day celebrating quilting, quilts and quilters, coordinated by our friends at The Quilt Alliance and the National Quilt Museum

So what is National Quilting Day? And why do we love the Quilt Alliance?

The mission of the Quilt Alliance is to bring together the creative, scholarly, and business worlds of quiltmaking to celebrate and preserve our shared quilt heritage and inspire today’s quilters.

Every quilt has a story - about the maker, where the maker lived, and about the quilt itself. The quilts matter because the stories matter - they are our history.

The two primary ways of preserving the history are through Quilter's S.O.S. and Go Tell It at the Quilt Show.

Quilters' S.O.S. - Save Our Stories is the largest oral history collection about quiltmakers in the world.  The Quilt Alliance archive for the original audio recordings and photographs is the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.

While the vast majority of the over 1,200 oral interviews are with quiltmakers, there are a few with quilt collectors talking about special quilts. Karen Alexander was interviewed for QSOS in 2001 and she shared a Feathered Star quilt that she found at an estate sale in Virginia. She wrote about the Feathered Star quilt shown above on her blog several years ago - Karen Alexander ~ Nettie's Beauty.

Go Tell It at the Quilt Show - this project is designed to capture the stories of quilts where quiltmakers gather. The formula is simple - one person talking about one quilt in front of one camera for three minute.

To see some of these stories - Go Tell It at the Quilt Show.

This year, The Quilt Alliance is rekindling a project founded by the National Quilting Association - Happy Birth Day, Baby! It's simple - make a quilt for the first baby born on National Quilting Day at your local hospital. Groups, guilds and individuals are welcome to participate.

For information, labels and free patterns - Happy Birth Day, Baby!

There is also a terrific program - Kids Quilt! It's in conjuction with KidsQuilt.org and there's even a Learn To Quilt kit for kids!

  • Learn to quilt - Instructions, helpful hints, links to videos and ideas for getting started.
  • Make it yours - your quilt is a work of art so KidsQuilt is sharing a few ways to customize and design your first quilt.
  • Share your quilt - watch quilting stories from kids!

So how are you going to celebrate National Quilting Day?

We hope you'll be sewing and sharing your story.

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