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It's official...

It's official...

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I'm behind.


My Little Ruby Goes to Oz quilt for the quilt-along didn't see any progress since the last time.  Worse... it's neatly packed in a WIP-bin.  (It's now officially a PIB - a Project In a Bin.)  That's never a good sign.

Just to catch everybody up - Camille of Bonnie & Camille designed a really cute quilt using their gorgeous Little Ruby collection.  Then she teamed with the nice folks at The Jolly Jabber to do a four-part quilt-along.  Part 3 is today - actually, I'm a day or two behind on that too.


I'm also not using Little Ruby - I know, I love it too but I have this compulsive need to be different... I think it's genetic.  I'm using a mix of Jen Kingwell collections - mostly Moving On Lawns with some Lollies, Gardenvale and Just A Speck mixed in.  The wonderful dark background fabric is from Behind the Scenes.

So that you're all caught up...

If you're following along - sewing or not - you know that the strip sets yield two different pieced triangles.  They can be used to make a second quilt of the same design, just with the print-background parts reversed.  The quilt is the same but it's also different.  Still... while cutting out the triangles, I started playing with some options and I decided to piece the "leftovers" a little bit differently.  You're surprised, right?


I'm going to piece long strips and I might use them for the back of the quilt.  I'm sure I'll have to add to it to make it big enough, probably some strips and bigger pieces.  But it could be fun, right?  Of course, if I really like the way it turns out, I can use it for the front of a second very different quilt.

And folks wonder how I fall behind on these things.

Most of my sewing this past week has been finishing up the Maker blocks for my Frivols Sampler quilt.  If I've counted correctly, I have about eighteen more blocks to make.


My fabrics are a mix of Jen Kingwell's collections - yeah, yeah, I really love these fabrics - assorted pieces from other designers and the backgrounds are from Hey Dot and Modern Backgrounds Paper by Brigitte Heitland for Zen Chic.

Can you believe it's been almost a year since the Frivols started?


I love how the tins look stacked on the shelf.  A few still have the kit and parts included, but several have been emptied and are now filled with "other trinkets".  I have collected all the Frivols' "extras" - the little "exclusives" - and I've considered getting a few extra Frivols 8 and 11 just for the little tin inside.


Frivol No. 8 - Bread 'n Butter by American Jane.  Frivol No. 11 - Sew & Sew by Chloe's Closet.  They're the same size as the adorable hexie tins we were all fighting over collection.

But I digress... let me get back to sewing Maker blocks and finishing my Frivols Sampler quilt.  This is one of the blocks in my quilt - it should look a bit like Atelier, the quilt from Frivol No. 5 - French General's Petite Prints Deux.


A friend asked the other day if I had a plan for this quilt and my answer was "kinda sorta".  Meaning - I have a plan but I'm still not sure it's going to work.  I'm not worried though because that's the fun of "making", isn't it?  It's less about the destination than the journey.  However it turns out - cool, "nice" or "what was she thinking"... you'll get to see it sometime in July.

That's it for today.  Can you believe Friday is July 1st?

Happy Tuesday!


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